Double Matt

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Features an elementary design! At first glance itís easy to understand and it works. Wonderfully uncomplicated!!!!

Changes from singles to doubles at warp speed; seconds NOT minutes!

Features an easy cant adjustment for times the wind wants to tilt the target.

Features an easy V adjustment for doubles that allows you to adjust the spacing in between doubles.

Easily the fastest to install on the market. This machine is so stable it just sits on four big rubber pads making bolting it down necessary if the customer chooses not to.

Release System:
12V release

Height, Width, Depth:
40" x 47" x 43"

Available in 12V D.C.


Optional Trailer:
Our all steel trailers are built in house, come with a "no flat tire guarantee", and are custom built to your specifications. Other options include solar panel brackets, battery holder, and ball or pin hookup. Call us at 800-331-5718

Optional Trap Accessories:
View our optional trap accessories online HERE